Many Thanks

Every year in preschool, we talk about being thankful for all the blessings God gives us. It’s a wonderful day that we all enjoy.

First, I sing “Thank You, God” from Hi God 1 by Carey Landry. Next, we name all many things we are thankful for. I always make sure every child has the chance to share an idea. (And if you work with preschoolers, you know that can be tricky when some are “shouty” and others timid.)

Next, we then make thank you cards for our parents. (I use the site Handwriting without Tears for inspiration and great assistance.) We fold a 9 X12″ piece paper in half and glue our notes inside. On the outside we draw a turkey made from our hands. Our parents love these simple gifts!

We also make a huge thank you card for our teachers, school and parish staff. This card is decorated with thumbprint turkeys!

While we work, we talk about how important it is to thank God and thank the wonderful people in our lives. By making cards, we not only practice our writing skills, we experience a simple but loving way to give thanks.

As for me, I want to thank all of you for following this blog over the past year. Please keep it up … and email me to talk in more depth about religious life, preschool education or whatever you wish. Have a happy Thanksgiving!! 🙂

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