Turkey (Hat) Time!!

We had one of the most exciting days of the year last week when we made Turkey Hats. This is a project I found a long time ago, but of course can’t remember where. We all love to make the hats, and the kids look soooo cute afterwards!!

To prepare for the project, we watched segments of the wonderful PBS special, My Life as a Turkey all week long. The kids loved watching the baby turkeys hatch and eat bugs. The turkeys’ mom was the man who narrates the video in a very gentle and moving way.

One warning. One segment (and I do show it) shows a baby turkey being eaten by a snake. Although we are sad, this is a great time to talk about nature and how those things do happen. The students accept it, and are excited by the bug eating that follows.

Which brings us to the Turkey Hats.

What you’ll need:
•    Scissors
•    Brown paper
•    Glue stick
•    Colored construction paper
•    Black marker

How to make the Turkey Hat:
1.    From the brown paper, cut 3 strips per child: 1 3×12″ (long enough to fit around your student’s head – it will be the turkey body … and the student’s hat); and 2 1X12″ strips for legs.
2.    Cut out a shape of a turkey head from brown paper (looks like a drumstick)
3.    For a beak, fold yellow construction paper and cut out a small double triangle (1-1/2″ along the fold). Cut a rounded L from red paper for the turkey’s wattle.
4.    Glue wattle and one side of the beak and the beak to the head.
5.    Cut and glue construction paper feathers to the body.
6.    Fold the 1 X 12 strips accordian style and glue them to either side of the body.
7.    Staple the body to fit child’s head.

Now it’s turkey time!! 🙂

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