A Polar Party for Preschoolers

Recently it’s been so cold and wet here (we expect a high of 5 degrees today) that the children haven’t been able to go outside to play. Aaargh. Imagine a roomful of preschoolers peering out at all the pretty snow yet cooped up inside. Not a pretty sight. 😦

So last week we brought the outside in, and had a Polar Party.

No, I did not bring snow in (although I sure have in the past). Regardless, we went ice skating and had a snowball fight.

Here’s how we ice skated: I cleared a spot on the tile floor in our classroom and gave each child 2 paper plates. Standing on the plates, not picking up their feet but just pushing them forward, they slid all over the place. It was an absolute blast!

Next, we had a snowball fight. Giving each child a handful of cotton balls, I told them to start throwing them at each other on the count of 3. 1 … 2 … 3! Cotton balls flew threw the air, were picked back up and thrown again and again. Glorious!!

When we finished, we picked up our snowballs and cozied in for some hot chocolate and marshmallows. A perfect end to a perfect morning of playing like crazy in the snow!!!! 😀

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