The Grace Academy Winter Preschool Olympics

In keeping with our theme of staying indoors – and because of our evening viewing of the Winter Olympics – we preschoolers have decided to put on our own version of the great event right here in East Moline, Illinois.

Our athletes paraded around the whole school to appreciative cheers, following with the torch run.

Our 7 stations included Curling (a yoga ball roll into a hula hoop); Luge (on a scooter); Hockey; Figure Skating (on paper plates); Speed Skating (running around the gym); Ski Jump (off the bleachers onto a tumble mat); and Skeleton (also on the scooter).

When we finished, we returned, triumphantly, to our classroom for an Olympic Snack and to receive our medals. 🙂

Our Preschool Olympics are always great fun … and a great educational opportunity. We still have more than a week of events to go. Try it!

To view more pics, visit Grace’s FB page!

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