Peeling … Yellow and Blue? Exploring Feelings with Preschoolers

“Some days are yellow. Some days are blue. On different days, I’m different too.”

Dr. Seuss is, believe it or not, providing our reading material for Jesus Time these days! His book, My Many Colored Days, has been helping us learn about our feelings … which sometimes feel too big for us to control.

First, we thank God for giving us feelings, and talk about them. (What do we look like when we’re happy? How about mad? Sad?) Then we read the book, which helps us accept that our feelings change. (“You’d be surprised how many ways I change on different colored days”!)

We make our own book, with each child drawing a picture with a color that represents her or his feeling. Then we read about peelings.  🙂

How Are You Peeling? is a story about “foods with moods,” and features a lot of silly vegetables that make us laugh … and think.

We think about anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, happiness. We share about what makes us feel these things. We share about times when our own choices lead to feelings we’d rather not feel. We share about how better choices can sometimes lead to better feelings.

Yep, God gives us these feelings, and they are a gift! But it’s important to make the right choices when we respond to our feelings.

If a friend marks our paper, we might get mad. But if we respond with a simple statement – Please don’t mark my paper again! – we can get over our anger and be happy again.

Happy feelings are wonderful. Our response is to laugh, sing, dance and run. Sad and mad and scared and nervous feelings? We need to respond to those, too. We shared some of our best ideas, from telling a grownup to cuddling a stuffed animal.

And all along we made faces. Silly, crazy, funny faces. 😀

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