Holy Week for Catholic Preschoolers

Jesus came to Jerusalem – well, Grace Preschool – today.

As you might guess, there was a whole lot of jubilation going on. We paraded and waved our palms like crazy.

Teaching Holy Week to preschoolers is a joy. They’ve been preparing by doing “Jesus homework” as well as classroom activities.

The homework consisted of 40 days’ worth of activities, from giving up TV for a day to playing a game with the family. Each activity is written in a square, and each group of 8 squares forms a letter. As each activity is done, the child colors the square. After 8 activities, the whole letter is colored in. Guess what the 5 letters of 8 squares each spell? (Hint: JESUS!)

In the classroom, we’ve been catching each other doing something good. When we do so, we color in a piece of glass in our (white card stock) stained glass windows.

We’ve also been learning the Stations of the Cross. We’ve visited the stations in the church, and talked about what they mean. For a classroom activity, I borrowed the amazing idea of tucking the station stories inside plastic eggs. The kids loved it.

We have great activities planned all week. We’re even going to have a Last Supper. Stay tuned!! 🙂

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