Praying the Rosary with Preschoolers

Each May I teach my little preschoolers about the Rosary.

We have learned the Our Father and Hail Mary, so we’re in good shape!

I always start by pulling out the beautiful Rosary that our Benedictine Sisters used to wear as part of their habit.

It’s wonderful to share a piece of my life that way!

We talk about, count and feel the beads. We talk about the cross and the medal. Then we put a rosary on the Smart Board (what did we do without it?) and talk about the prayers.

I assure the kids that it’s okay they don’t know all the prayers. We’ll let the big kids handle those. We know the most important ones!

We count how many times we say those prayers in the rosary. We color a picture of the rosary.

Over the next few days, we practice saying prayers in a large group with a leader. The leader begins by her/himself: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.” We come in for the second half, and pray all together: “Blessed are you among women….”

We practice praying a whole decade together that way.

And then we go to church to pray the rosary with the big kids, our 6th grade buddies. They help us know which bead to have our fingers on for each prayer, and how to keep our fingers moving.

Here are the digital resources I used for the rosary lessons:

The iRosary App for iPhone and iPAd displays a set of Rosary beads that flow across your hand as you move with your finger. Very helpful!

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