My Children (and their Wonderful Catholic School Parents)

To everyone who asks if I miss having children, this post is for you. I have many wonderful, loving, sweet and precious children!!! And last week they – and their parents – treated me especially sweetly.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week, and what a line up of treats and our Grace kids and parents provided!

I received thank you cards on Monday, flowers on Tuesday, treats on Wednesday and prayers on Thursday. Ethan gave me a prayer that brought tries to my eyes:

Heavenly Father
Please bless Sister Stefanie.
She is a good teacher.
She helps everyone to learn.
Watch over her and always be by her side.
Thank you for sending Sister Stefanie to Our Lady of Grace.

Friday the teachers were treated to a lunch from Smokey’s. Yum!

Thank you, Grace kids and parents, for all your generous support. You truly help make Grace the wonderful place it is, to work and learn and share my life with. You are my extended family. Blessings and prayers to you!!!!

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