Lullabyes for Catholic Preschoolers … and their Teacher

If you teach preschoolers, you know Nap Time is GOLD! You can actually think and get some work done. In fact, I am typing this during nap time today. 🙂

Parents and my Sisters have asked how I get 20 preschoolers to sleep. Well, we have a routine.

Routine is so important at this age! We go to the bathroom, get to our cots. We can take off our shoes and socks if we wish. Then we cover up one by one. Little Juan says we become “burritos.” That’s what we look like when we tuck in! Robin needs her little baby blanket. Cora needs her stuffed cat.

When the children all have what they need, we turn off the lights and play quiet and restful music. Right now we are listen to a CD called “Quiet Light” by Sister Ruth from a Benedictine monastery in Clyde, Missouri. Her piano playing is beautiful. It’s nice to think of this friend of mine lulling the children to sleep!

Some days we listen to Enya. We also listen to classical music like Mozart and quiet jazz. The children get exposed to different types of music as they fall asleep.

On days when sleep must come NOW, though, I put on the Cistercian Monks. Their singing of Gregorian Chant works fast, every single time. 🙂

All my little ones are resting and at peace. YAY!

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