2 Popes for Preschoolers

At last week’s school Mass, Father Harris talked about the fact that Pope Francis would be canonizing 2 popes. He suggested that we teach about them. I thought that was a great idea … even for preschoolers!

So on Monday, we gathered around the Smart Board to watch a short CNN video clip from the Vatican. We talked about how special it was to see 2 popes made saints on the same day!

We read a book about what a Pope is, and we talked about Francis, our pope right now. I have a picture of Pope Francis in the classroom, so they see him all the time!

Today we began a cartoon video on John Paul II. It is broken into two parts on YouTube. We watched the first part today and will watch the second part tomorrow.

Of course, we’ll do some coloring about it all. I found a picture of Saint John Paul II that the kids will decorate and take home.

On Friday, we’ll learn about Saint John XXIII and color his picture, too. I’ll use the Smart Board to discuss him. The kids will appreciate that Saint John XXIII is the reason we can do things like carry the gifts up to the altar at Mass … and that we can understand what is being said. 🙂

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