The Best Birthday Ever!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, and let me tell you, there’s no better place for a birthday than my 2 favorite places: school and St. Mary Monastery.

Kids and Sisters LOVE  a party. 🙂

My Grace preschoolers threw a surprise party for me on Friday. If you study the picture you might make out me and the hat they made for me. They also gave me a gift card for coffee (Lent is over, so I’m making up for lost time!) and ice cream.

Birthday celebrations are also a big deal in the monastery. We leave cards and gifts at one another’s door. We give and get lots of hugs and well wishes. We share special prayers at Vespers. And in the evening we choose our meal. I chose a picnic on the patio with hot dogs and hamburgers. It was the prettiest day of the spring so far, so is was a great choice!!!

With 40 Sisters, we have birthday parties pretty frequently. Come see!! 😉

2 thoughts on “The Best Birthday Ever!

  1. Wow, the little guy in the front row in a blue shirt sure is cute!!!!


  2. Sr. Stefanie

    He helped make my birthday special.

    Sr. Stefanie


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