Gonoodle – Go Fun! – for Preschoolers

I have discovered a fabulous new website through another site called Edutopia. It’s called Gonoodle and is absolutely great.

All you need is a whiteboard, TV or laptop to access the fabulous and short – often less than 5 minutes – brain training and exercise programs they offer.
The few we watched and participated in today featured an Olympic athlete. He talked about how important school and education are, but also about how important exercising and eating healthy are, too.
The preschoolers loved it! We have already moved on to Level 2. As short as the programs are, they make great transitional activities. They give our young brains a boost while working out a little energy (as you can see by our well-deserved naps)!!!
Thanks Gonoodle. We love you at Grace!!!! 🙂

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