Teaching colors … patiently! :)

mouse-paintMy favorite book for introducing colors to young kids is Mouse Paint. It’s the story of 3 white mice who mix their 3 jars of paint to make new colors.

It’s a great visual for my preschool through second graders. They learn the difference between primary and secondary colors as we read. At the end of the story, we review. Then we put on our paint shirts and HAVE FUN!

We finger paint a color wheel made of mouse pictures. And we do it VERY CAREFULLY. Here’s how:

We paint 1 mouse at a time, with 1 finger at a time. In fact, before we begin, I have the children hold up the 1 finger they will use to apply their paint.

As each child finishes the first mouse, my teacher associate cleans each finger. We then move on to the next mouse and next color.

When we are finished with our primary colors, we begin our secondary. The kids love seeing their primary colors change when they are mixed together!

The activity does require patience, however, which is not always in large supply in grade school. At one point, while several kids were waiting to have their fingers wiped, I overheard an older child tell a preschooler to stop yelling for the teacher. After all, she said, the Spirit will give you patience. So pray to the Spirit.

Yep, some things do stick. 🙂


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