A Cello for Jesus (and the QCSO)

celloTo help the Quad City Symphony celebrate their 100th Anniversary this year, Grace – and another 99 organizations around the community – decorated a cello. In fact, Grace’s youngest students – preschool through 2nd grade – decorated it!

Of course, we had to start the project by learning what, exactly, a cello is. We watched a video with Yo Yo Ma (who will be playing with the QCSO this May).

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Teaching colors … patiently! :)

mouse-paintMy favorite book for introducing colors to young kids is Mouse Paint. It’s the story of 3 white mice who mix their 3 jars of paint to make new colors.

It’s a great visual for my preschool through second graders. They learn the difference between primary and secondary colors as we read. At the end of the story, we review. Then we put on our paint shirts and HAVE FUN! Continue Reading