A Cello for Jesus (and the QCSO)

celloTo help the Quad City Symphony celebrate their 100th Anniversary this year, Grace – and another 99 organizations around the community – decorated a cello. In fact, Grace’s youngest students – preschool through 2nd grade – decorated it!

Of course, we had to start the project by learning what, exactly, a cello is. We watched a video with Yo Yo Ma (who will be playing with the QCSO this May).

Then we brainstormed ideas. We decided to decorate it with angels as the first musicians to sing to Jesus.
We painted the cello blue. Each student drew and painted an angel. We attached the angels to the cello and added stars in the night sky.
The students feel like famous artists, with their work displayed out in the community. Thanks, QCSO, for the opportunity!!!

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