Play-Doh Snakes and Pinch Pots, Oh My!

clay-bestWe are focusing on pottery this month, and oh boy is it fun!

We began by learning what clay is … but then pulled out the Play-Doh to practice. (Clay is mud. Play-Doh is flour and water … a fact that might be dangerous to share with preschoolers. See below.)

The preschoolers will be making coil pots so we practiced making “snakes.”

The 1st graders will be making pinch pots so we practiced making balls that we plunged our thumbs into and pinched into bowls.

We all got to play with the Play-Doh at the end of class for a little bit, which added to the fun.

Note to parents: if your kids suddenly disappear into the kitchen, watch out. They might be planning to make their own Play-Doh. I once had a child try a do-it-yourself baptism at home following our baptism lesson. She poured baby oil all over her baby doll! 😀


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