Wrapping Baby Jesus in Art … and Learning about Both!

gustav-jesus-singleGrace kindergartners are learning about the artist Gustav Klimt. First, we read a story called Klimt and His Cat. Then we talked about and looked at his art work.

This is where it got really cool (at least in a Catholic grade school). We discovered Klimt cared for the poor and those in need.

Klimt helped a friend keep his art store going. He left a bowl of money at the door of his house for any who needed help. He followed Jesus’ gospel call!

We were energized by this information … and put it to work immediately. Because he used such detail patterns in his work (see Klimt and his Cat!), we began imitating his style on paper quilts.

Using 8-1/2×11 sheets of paper, the children divided the paper into sections and made different patterns in each section using oil pastels. They then washed the sections with different watercolor colors, producing a quilt. Then, they cut their papers to make a blanket, added a paper circle to the top of it and drew a face on the circle. When they glued gold doilies behind the face, they had Baby Jesus!!!

This is a wonderful and meaningful way to teach your children about Klimt AND Jesus!!!!!


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