Making 3-D Baby Jesus for Christmas

baby-jesus-featureTeaching in a Catholic grade school means weaving Jesus into every lesson. 🙂

So as we learn about 3-Dimensional art, we each get to make our own 3-D Baby Jesus.

A sewing friend (I don’t sew!) helped craft a U-shaped body that my preschoolers could stuff and draw a face on. (Some drew the whole body.)

We wrapped our babies in warm fabric to keep them cozy. We made mangers from shoe boxes wrapped in brown paper and filled with yellow paper strips (hay).

We laid our babies in their mangers with great tenderness and love. (Here’s how they turned out.) The best part? We get to share that love with our families when we take our babies and mangers home for Christmas! ❤

baby-jesus5 baby-jesus4 baby-jesus2 baby-jesus3

One thought on “Making 3-D Baby Jesus for Christmas

  1. […] Grace preschoolers finished their Baby Jesus dolls last week, and I wanted to be sure you got to see them. (Here’s how we did it.) […]


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