A Renaissance Nativity for Catholic Grade Schoolers

renaissance-nativityLeonardo da Vinci and other Renaissance artists provided the artistic inspiration for the final Nativity artwork produced by Grace 1st graders this year. Beautiful! ❤

We started with a video that helped explain Renaissance art and introduced Leonardo. We looked at pictures and talked about the great number of religious artworks that were produced during that time. Finally, we explored lots of Nativity paintings. (HINT: Watch out for nudity in the paintings!)renaissance-nativity-for-fb

Then we were ready to start our own artwork! Each student received a piece of white paper cut in a half circle. They drew pictures of Mary, Baby Jesus and Joseph. They glued their picture to a piece of blue paper. Then, they glued brown paper around the outer edges of the white circle (the roof). Finally, they placed drops of glue where they wanted their stars to shine, and sprinkled the glue liberally with gold glitter. 🙂

Once again, I am so grateful to be teaching in a Catholic school, where love of Jesus and learning exist hand in hand. I am blessed! ❤

We are now on break till January 5. Come “see” me at my monastery blog till then … and have a wondrous Christmas.

Blessings and Love,

Sister Stefanie

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