Fun in Art Class

free-art-for-featureHappy New Year!!! As we settle back into our routines (school was canceled on Wed. because of the cold, so I guess we’re not quite “settled” yet), the 2nd graders earned a “free art day.” Oh man, did we have fun!!!

Free Art Day is the reward for following art class rules. When the class has accumulated enough smiley faces, they can experiment, create and play with art materials to their hearts’

So, when the kids came in, they saw almost every art supply I have (not paint,though). They worked with papers, feathers, beads, stickers, pipe cleaners, wooden shapes, pom poms, and many other things.

My room looked like something blew up in it!

This free art chart helps kids follow rules, because they can see immediately whether they’ve earned a smiley face … and they like their smiley faces at this age! 🙂

free-art-chart free-art12 free-art11 free-art10 free-art9 free-art8 free-art7 free-art6 free-art5 free-art4 free-art3 free-art2 free-art1

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