Henri, Our Favorite Artist!

girl-in-matisseI am having a blast with my first graders this month. We are learning about the famous artist Henri Matisse. (My kids are now on a first-name basis with him, simply calling him “Henri”!)

Of course, we’re also making lots of great art. 🙂

We started as we often do, with a book. “Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists” captured the kids’ interest, and the video from the Tate Modern Museum in London sealed the deal. We were eager to start what he called “painting with scissors,” or cutout art!

We got our scissors and paper to practice. We cut random shapes from white paper. Then we pieced together 4 different colored papers and glued the white shapes on top. Here’s what I mean.

Next, we (virtually) visited the Matisse exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. We loved their interactive page on Matisse!

We were excited to get back to our own artwork. The kids chose colored papers from which to cut many new shapes. Then they arranged and glued the shapes onto big pieces of blue paper. Voila! They painted with scissors!

Toward the end of his life, Henri designed a chapel for a community of Catholic Sisters. This video excited all of us as it showed the chapel, the windows and the drawings the great artist created. Beautiful! ❤

The kids say Henri is their favorite artist. It’s been inspiring to watch them be so excited about learning. Next week, we’ll read the story, “Henri’s Scissors,” and do another project. Can’t wait!

matisse10 matisse9 matisse8 matisse7 matisse6 matisse5 matisse4 matisse3 matisse2

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