Another Use for Yogurt Lids in Preschool

juan-with-alphabetYogurt lids have lots of great uses, and recently I dreamed up another one. It happened while I was pouring paint into the lids for a preschool painting project, while musing about new Literacy Center activities.

Bingo! The lids might make a great alphabet activity!

(Full disclosure: I have a rather large supply of yogurt lids, courtesy of my Benedictine Sisters who will save anything for my classroom!)

So, I wrote the capital letters of the alphabet on 26 lids, and I wrote the lower case letters on white poker chips.

The poker juan-with-alphabet-verticalchips DIDN’T come from the Sisters, but from a nice and very helpful donation. 🙂

I tested the new exercise on Juan, who had tons of fun laying them out in order, naming the letters as he placed them down, matching the upper and lower case letters and making the letter sounds.

I’m sure there would be MANY ways to change this up – it would also be fun to put pictures on the poker chips that correspond to the letters.

Share your great cost-saving ideas for classroom activities. We’d all love to hear them!!!

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