What’s in a Preschooler’s Name?


Our name has a lot to do with our identity… especially in preschool. It’s how we are called. And for a preschooler, it means everything.

In preschool, we work a lot on our name. We learn what letters are in it. We learn to recognize the letters in sequence. We learn to do the same for our friends.

Here are a few fun ways to help the students learn their and their friends’ names.

1. Play games.

*Using a soft, slow ball like a beach ball, have each student call a new friend’s name and roll the ball to her/him. Make sure every child has a turn and that names don’t get repeated.

*Play Duck, Duck, Goose but substitute the name of a child for “Goose.”

*Show all the students’ names on the Smart Board and have the children say and touch them.

*Use the iPad App called “Little Writers by Alligators.” Personalize the words with students’ names and pictures. You can even record yourself saying each child’s name. The students love to see their pictures pop up with their teacher’s voice!

2. Ask their families to help the students work on their names. Some cool items to send home can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

3. Make classroom books with the children’s names. The kids love them!

*My Name Starts With ___!
*I Have ___ Letters in my Name (pictured below)
*Clap Our Names (pictured above)
Teacher Teacher, What Do You See (based on Eric Carle’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?)

If you have ideas to share, I’d love to see them!!! ❤




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