Icy Cold Temps mean Penguin Time!


It’s January in the Midwest … meaning cold as ice.

Time for our Penguin unit! 🙂

We start with Tackey the Penguin. Tacky’s an odd Penguin, with his splashy cannonballs and super loud greetings.

He is something of an eccentric, which his penguins friends find a bit bothersome until his odd behavior saves the day.

It’s a great story. It shares the message that no matter who – or what – we are, we are made by God. And we’re each made with a special gift that will help the world, community or family some day.

After reading the story, we make the following penguin craft. It helps enhance students’ fine motor skills teaches us how to follow directions.

You need:
* large black oval drawn with white crayon on 9″ x 12″ black paper
* small oval drawn on 5.5″ x 6″ white paper
* yellow paper triangle
* google eyes
* scissors
* glue stick
* glue bottle

To Make Penguins:
Step #1: Cut out the black paper oval. I show how by cutting on the white line and hanging the oval up on my white board. The students are then give the paper to cut out. (After each step, the students place their materials on their name tags and their hands on their heads to show me when they are finished.)

Step #2: The next step is to do the same thing with the white circle. We pick up the extra paper and scissors now, as we will no longer need them.

Step #3: Glue the white oval on the bottom of the black oval with the glue stick. Again, I show by example.

Step #4: We glue the yellow triangle above the white oval. We now collect the glue sticks.

Step #5: We add the googly eyes. I almost never let preschooler use glue bottle. I have learned from experience that we have puddles of glue all over! (My favorite story is finding a child holding a glue bottle high in the air over another the child’s head to watch the glue drip out.) So the teacher dabs 2 dots of glue on the penguin and the students place the googly eyes on their penguins.

Finally I write the students’ names on their creations. Beautiful! ❤



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