Catholic Schools Week for Preschoolers


Yesterday was both the first day of Catholic Schools Week and the 100th day of school. Perfect combination for preschoolers!

We had so much to count … and so many ways to do it.

We started by sticking 10 stickers on each of 10 “branches” of our 100th Day Crowns. Great for fine 100-day-crowns-and-numbermotor work, as the little ones peeled stickers off and placed them on the paper.

Our Centers had lots of 100th Day activities too. In math, we gave the students 100 blocks, 100 multi-link cubes and other items with which to create something new.

We took photos of their creations and emailed them to the kids’ parents!

In our Literacy Center we made a book of fun and silly sentences that began with “If I had 100 ….” What would YOU do if you had 100 mosquito bites? 🙂

Snack was extra-fun too, as we “wrote” 100 with 2 cookies and 1/4 of a graham cracker.

Happy Catholic Schools Week, everyone … and Happy 100th Day, too!


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