Add Stickers and Voila! The Best Party!


Simple parties are the best parties … especially for excited preschoolers. Today, we enjoyed a simple Valentine celebration! ❤

We started with STICKERS, which, if you know preschoolers, are gold! The students spent a happy half hour peeling and sticking, completely absorbed in decorating their own paper bags. (Thanks, Grace parents, for the pretty foam stickers!)

When the bags were finished, parent volunteers helped the students open the bags and place them on their tables. Then the students took turns – with parent help – passing out their Valentines, while those who were not passing cards gathered on the carpet to sing Valentine songs.

We sang HEART Valentine, 5 Little Hearts Valentines, Heart Colors and Give My Heart to Jesus. With tons of preschool feeling! 🙂

When the bags were full, we stapled them shut for home. I’ve learned that if you let the kids go through their cards at school, they get terribly mixed up.

Then it was time for a Valentine treat. It was a great day!

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