Creating BIG Things


This week in religion class we have been talking about God’s creation … specifically the BIG things in the world.

What’s really BIG? We brainstormed: elephants, dinosaurs, lions, whales, bears. 

After we had our list, we drew our favorite big animal. Then we decided to create something really big. We wanted to create something bigger than a preschooler.

So out came the Legos, wooden blocks, bristle blocks and multi-link cubes. We worked in pairs and began to try to figure out how we could make something bigger than ourselves with out it breaking or falling over.

There were a few crashes in the discovery process!

We shared that God gave us our minds so that we could think and create together. God gave us our friends to help. So we shrugged off the crashes and went right on trying.

At last we all created something bigger than ourselves. 🙂 It was great fun to create big things, and we finished by being thankful for all the big things God created.

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