God’s Water Cycle is All Wet for Preschoolers!


“April showers bring May flowers!” It’s the perfect season for our rain curriculum.

We start by talking about rain. It’s wet, it’s cool, and it comes from God to water the plants and creatures of the Earth.

Then we get into the science of the water cycle with a super fun experiment.

Materials needed:
2 sand table tubs
cotton balls

Prepare ahead of time:
Place a sand table tub half-filled with water (a table tub makes a convenient lake) about 10 feet from a sand table tub filled with cotton balls (these are clouds).

Day of experiment:

Go outside and sit down in a row. I stood by the water tub, and my teacher’s associate stood by the cotton ball tub.

We were going to enact the Water Cycle!

Students were called, one at a time, to pick up a cloud with the tweezers (great fine motor practice!) and float it over to the lake.

Once there, they dropped their clouds into the water. We gathered around to watch the clouds soak up the water.

I lifted a cloud up to demonstrate what happens when the cloud is full to overflowing with water vapor: it rains!

Each child got to lift a cloud out of the lake and into the sky, where it began to rain.

It was a blast to get a little wet on the 80-degree day. And we learned something about God’s creation at the same time. ❤


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