The Best (Catholic Benedictine) Birthday!


My life as a Benedictine Catholic Sister and my job as a preschool teacher sometimes overlap. My recent birthday celebration is a good example.

If you teach young children, you’ll agree when I say birthdays are everything to them. 🙂

Since it was MY birthday, I brought the treat. And since I love picnics, we enjoyed our treat outdoors.

The children gave me lots of hugs and birthday wishes: the perfect sticky little gifts!

And when I got home to the monastery, I received another gift. The Sisters had pooled their money toward a raffle ticket for a dollhouse during a celebration held by another charity.

Sister Jackie won it! And gave it to me, for the Grace preschoolers.

The next day, I took the dollhouse to my preschoolers, and told them the Sisters gave it to them. They loved it!

Today, Peppa Pig and her family live in it, and it gets played with all the time.

Thank you, Grace kids, for being the best preschoolers in the world. And thank you, Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery, for being the best Sisters a preschool teacher could ever have! ❤


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