Pentecost means we get to wear FIRE!


If you can’t tell by the pictures, we learned about Pentecost today.

It’s a simple lesson: First, we identified the church season we are in. The kids thought it was still Easter, but I explained that Easter ended yesterday, and that yesterday was special. We practiced saying the word “Pentecost,” and shared about what happened on the first Pentecost.

The Holy Spirit came to the apostles. (Sister Catherine recalls a young student of hers calling it “the God with feathers.”)

We learned that receiving the Holy Spirit gave the apostles the courage to go out and teach about Jesus, and to live their lives according to his teachings.

We watched a short video.

Then we made fire to wear on our own heads!

Materials Needed:

red strip of paper 12 inches by 3 inches
red strip of paper 6 inches by 3 inches
one large orange flame-shaped paper
one medium yellow flame-shaped paper
one small red flame-shape paper


Have your students glue the yellow flame on top of the orange flame.

Next, have them glue the red flame on top of the yellow flame.

When dry, glue the flames to the middle of the 12-inch strip of paper.

When this is dry, you will make a headband by stapling together the ends of the 12-inch strip to the ends of the 6-inch strip (you will need this extra piece to fit the kids’ heads – if you look closely at the photo to the right you will see what I mean).

Put on the flames, say a prayer of thanks to the Holy Spirit, and have fun wearing fire! 🙂

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