Making Excitement Manageable for ALL Preschoolers


Field Day is the MOST exciting day of the year … or at least of May. 🙂

When we arrived at school last Friday, the first thing we saw was a BOUNCY HOUSE. Oh, my. We were nearly wild with anticipation.

But there was some work to do before we began. We had to prepare ourselves for the experience.

This is when it’s so important to know your kids’ personalities and needs – and to set time aside to support each one, individually – before the fun (or any change of ordinary daily plans) begins.

Because, although the majority of kids go with the flow, some have some anxiety about uncertainty. And to help ensure the day is a joy for them, too, you need to take unhurried time to explain to them what will happen.

Sam is a good example. His anxiety will color his experience if I don’t help him understand – in advance – what we’re going to do. So we sat down together and studied the map of Field Day stations. We discussed what, where, when, who and why. Then he felt prepared and was fine.

3 other students needed to be reminded of their boundaries before the day began. I took time with each one, individually, to explain that because we have limited time at each station, they must stay with their teacher and follow directions quickly.

Finally, we met as a group on the carpet to go over the plan: We would form 2 groups and move within our group from station to station. We would stay with our assigned teacher, use our listening ears and have fun.

Then we went to the bathroom – a must for everyone! – and streamed outside to have fun. And, boy, did we … every last one! ❤


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