All Wet: Grace Preschoolers (and their Teacher) Enjoy Water Day!


It’s the last week of school. I feel like a kid myself: I’m so excited!

And we’re having so much fun! We have lots of great activities planned, but one of the most loved is Water Day.

Like last week’s Field Day, not all preschoolers react to the day’s activities the same way. Some don’t like to get wet!

So of our 7 stations, 3 were dry, including bubbles, frisbees and sidewalk chalk. The water stations included passing dripping wet sponges, playing with fish in water tables, water shooters and a sprinkler.

Since the kids had some practice – thanks to Field Day – in moving from station to station, we had minimal herding issues. Most got good and wet (at least the ones who wanted to did).

And because we had free play at the end of the day – where they were welcomed to get Sister Stefanie wet – I got good and wet too. 🙂



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