Praying for the Children as They Follow Their New Paths

I have gone back this week to start packing things up for the summer. This is one of my least favorite tasks … but the cleaning staff won’t touch my room until I get it done!

It’s got to be done, but I get very sad as I start to remove the children’s names from our tables and chairs. I get lonely for their sweet faces, young voices and big hugs as I take down the pictures they drew for me over the year. The room starts looking very empty. Continue Reading

Ending Our Year…

This is always a bittersweet time for me. I am looking forward to summer, including being home for Noon Day prayer, taking a class on iPads, going to the Benedictine Spirituality Workshop and Retreat, and being on a more relaxed schedule. (The IPad class sounds great: Each participant will receive a full day training on how to use it in the classroom. Topics will include setup, management, digital books, online resources and student apps. I hope to receive helpful information on how I might be able to use it as a group center activity for literacy centers and math centers.) Continue Reading