Ending Our Year…

This is always a bittersweet time for me. I am looking forward to summer, including being home for Noon Day prayer, taking a class on iPads, going to the Benedictine Spirituality Workshop and Retreat, and being on a more relaxed schedule. (The IPad class sounds great: Each participant will receive a full day training on how to use it in the classroom. Topics will include setup, management, digital books, online resources and student apps. I hope to receive helpful information on how I might be able to use it as a group center activity for literacy centers and math centers.)

But no matter how wonderful my summer, I will miss my students! I’ll miss the spirit of excitement about everything. The teaching and finding new ideas to help students learn. But everything must come to an end to start anew in August.

We are doing lots of fun activities this week. Our 8th graders graduated on Monday. We’ve chased, played and painted and with bubbles.

Today we read the story The Berenstain Bears Vacation. The Bears went to the beach and Papa Bear was telling baby bear all the rules of the beach and in the process breaking all the rules. The children loved the story and it was a great story for predicting what was going to happen next!

After this we ate our sea snack. We had crushed Vanilla wafers for sand and blue jello for the ocean with a gummy fish hidden in the jello. It was a yummy treat!

For center we made wave bottles to make our own oceans (recipe below). We played in sand and built fish out of the pattern blocks. It was another great day of fun!

Tomorrow we will visit the East Moline Public Library in the morning and have a picnic lunch and field day with the rest of the school in the afternoon. Sorry Moms and Dads, no nap today!

On Thursday we plan go to Lincoln Park to play. We will end our year Friday with a Mass and awards assembly before we head back to our classrooms, pass out report cards, and say our last goodbyes.

I know the week will be filled with many happy experiences to hold on to all summer long … for the children and me! 🙂

To make a Wave Bottle:

Pour 1 cup of vegetable or baby oil into a plastic bottle;
fill the rest of the bottle with water.
Add a couple drops of food color.
You can add small plastic fish, glitter or sequins.
Put the cap of the bottle on and cover it with tape.

Voila! Your own little ocean!

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