Flames that don’t burn?

Recently during Jesus Time we read the story of that first Pentecost. The children could relate more than you might think!

First, we talked about really windy days and how it feels outside. We imagined what it might feel like to be inside a room with such wind. And fire! Wow. The children are fascinated by fire that doesn’t burn. (To be on the safe side, I reminded them that it will burn them today, and to never touch fire!)

The children learned there are different ways to experience the Holy Spirit in the Bible, including wind, fire and the dove.

Next, we revisted the sign of the cross, sharing our understanding about the Trinity, and how the Holy Spirit completes it. We talked about how God loves us so much that he sent his Son and the Holy Spirit to help us.

Then we created a wonderful craft. First we cut out a big flame with construction paper and safety scissors. Next we cut out a smaller flame of a different color. Then we glued the smaller flame inside the big flame. Next we cut out a red heart with God is Love on it and glued it on the small flame.

Last but not least, the students put the flames on their own heads just like the disciples! It’s a terrific way to relate the story in several different fun and memorable ways.

Happy Pentecost, everyone!

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