Ending the Year on a Fun Note

We went to the Public Library on Wednesday this week. I loved showing the kids how much fun you can have for free! Ms. Lori and Ms. Alice, the librarians, showed us around and talked about all the fabulous happenings at the library for the summer. They read us a delightful book, Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians. Then we enjoyed free time to look at the picture books.

It was a beautiful day to walk back to school. We ate our sack lunches outside, and then enjoyed the school field day. The preschoolers had a great time bouncing in the bounce house, decorating the place with sidewalk chalk, molding with playdough, passing water balloons and tossing bean bags. When we got tired, we went inside to eat popsicles and watch a movie.

Just guessing, but I bet the children slept well that night!!

Thursday we walked to Lincoln City Park and climbed and raced and played all the morning. One of the great things about Catholic schools is our parents’ participation: they helped get us there and brought us water to drink. We were very thirsty!!! We also had our morning snack at the park.

Today is our last day … sad and happy. Mostly happy. After all, August is just a couple of months away!!!!

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