Praying for the Children as They Follow Their New Paths

I have gone back this week to start packing things up for the summer. This is one of my least favorite tasks … but the cleaning staff won’t touch my room until I get it done!

It’s got to be done, but I get very sad as I start to remove the children’s names from our tables and chairs. I get lonely for their sweet faces, young voices and big hugs as I take down the pictures they drew for me over the year. The room starts looking very empty.

Then I start thinking about each student as I work. As I take down the picture Logan has drawn me (a rainbow under which she and I stand), I think about her loving and joyful spirit combined with her good common sense. I think about what a beautiful person she is and will be, and I pray for her bright and wonderful future. I pray she continues to serve God.

As I continue my work, I hold each child, one at a time, in my heart, remembering little things, praying for their future.

This praying helps me though my sorrow. I know we all must grow or stagnate, and that children must move on to grow! I begin to feel that even though I may not see them for some time, and then not the same way, my prayers follow the children and help them along their paths.

I also know I’ll have to pray again tomorrow. 🙂

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