Last Day: Hello, I love you and goodbye!


Well the last day of school came and went. It’s always bittersweet for me.

It is exciting to have summer vacation and to spend more time at home at the monastery.

But I miss my students (and while some will return to my classroom next year, several are moving on to kindergarten).

And I hate, hate, HATE packing up my classroom at the end of the year. It feels so lonely in there!

So, on the last day, we enjoyed Mass together one final time. (The preschoolers won’t go back until November, when we finally have them ready to sit quietly.)

Father Chase left us with a wonderful homily about the most important things we can do all summer, and all the time. They are to say: Hello, I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, and Goodbye.

Those short words pack a lot of meaning, don’t they? They help us nourish good relationships with others and with God.

On Saturday, I will begin our annual week-long silent retreat. Heaven! Do come visit our monastery blog for daily reflections during the retreat.

And come back here in August, for a brand new year. Until then, Hello, I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, and Good bye! ❤


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