Being Thankful for Grandparents


Right before Thanksgiving vacation this year, we had Grandparents’ Day at school. The students were so excited!

We always start Grandparents’ Day with prayer or Mass. This year it was Mass.

The students were able to sit with their grandparents at Mass, which was wonderful for all parties. (Helped with behavior, too!)

We gave our grandparents a blessing at the end of Mass and then moved to the parish hall for a large group activity.

About 105 grandparents joined our 170 students at tables to make Thanksgiving place mats together.

We decorated them with words, turkeys, leaves, apples and pumpkins.

When our place mats were finished, we enjoyed sharing time. We had generated some questions in class to get ready for this, so students were prepared to have meaningful conversations with their grandparents.

I hope the grandparents surprised their grandchildren a little!

From this Catholic Sister Preschool Teacher, thank you to the grandparents who not only shared their morning with us, but who also share their loving support with Grace. We couldn’t do it without you!

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