Nap Time for Everyone!

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Nap time is not a preschool student’s favorite time of day … despite the fact that my former (now older and wiser) students say that they wish they had nap time!

I am a great believe of nap time at any age, but especially for preschoolers. They’re growing so fast and learning so much that they need rest to master tasks they learned in the morning. They also need rest for emotional and physical health.

We quiet the room and relax with our blankets. Sometimes I help settle a child down by rubbing his/her back awhile.

A few 5-year-old students cannot sleep. We have an agreement with them. They need also to rest quietly as the young ones fall asleep, but can read or draw for the remainder of nap time. The 5-year-olds often end up falling asleep too, but when they don’t, they still enjoy rest.

Nap time is restorative for everyone. 🙂


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