Smart Board Calendar Time for Preschoolers

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Calendar time has lost some of its popularity these days. But I do it for more than just academics. I do it for public speaking, leadership skills, following routines and building independence.

At the beginning of the fall semester, I direct it, asking all the questions and guiding the answers. But as I see the students begin to grasp the routine, I begin handing off the task.

Student leaders begin by calling on their friends to answer questions. Gradually the exercise expands to include greater leadership, and by the end of spring semester, the students lead the activity with little or no guidance from me.

The students have become teachers themselves!

I implement this approach wherever I can, but calendar time is the perfect place to begin. Follow the lead of your students as you look for ways to let them teach one another. It will build pride, confidence and poise in front of groups.


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