Tough Time at Church!

kids in church

Sister Stefanie’s preschool class is still learning how to bring their “best selves” to Mass!

One of my little ones struggles with his behavior. Today he was not his best self at church.

It began as we reviewed before-Mass church behavior:

We discussed how church is a quiet place before Mass starts, so people can talk with God.

We recalled when we should sit, knee and stand.

We talked about when we may speak and sing, and when it is our turn to listen.

By this time, my little one was starting to talk loudly as he crawled around on the pew and kneeler. I thought it best to take him to the cry room and attempt to get his behavior in check there.

No dice.

He began screaming and yelling as I held him, trying to calm him.

Father Deo came over and very gently placed his hands on the child’s head, blessing him and praying with him.

It worked. The child relaxed, stopped crying and obviously felt much better.

There’s nothing a loving prayer and touch won’t do. Thanks, Father Deo!


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