Holy Thursday for Catholic Preschoolers

IMG_3941 4

Teaching Bible lessons to preschoolers is one of my favorite things to do. For Holy Thursday this year, I tried something new.

First, we reviewed what we had already learned about Holy Week using a smart board activity I found on SMART Exchange.  We then watched a video about the Last Supper.

Then, the really cool part: I painted the kids’ bare feet brown. I did this one at a time, while they were coloring pictures of the Last Supper.

I called each student over to the teacher table, one by one. I had them take their shoes and socks off, painted the bottom of their feet brown, and had them stand on a piece of paper.

As I started washing the paint off, we talked about why Jesus would wash his friends’ feet. The children understood that their feet needed to be cleaned of the dirt. But we also talked about the need to gently serve others … no matter who you are.

Jesus washed his friends’ feet to help them learn how to help others.

It was a lesson in love and loving that we all enjoyed!

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