Big Green Monsters and Preschoolers

big green monster

We are all scared of some things. Monsters under the bed are at the top of the list for preschoolers.

So we’re taking them on.

We start by reading the story, Go Away Big Green Monster.

As we turn the pages, we watch the Big Green Monster grow. Yikes!

We finally have had enough of the monster. We yell at it to go away … and it does.

We love it!

After we have read the story a few times, we use an old-school felt board to make our own monster.

The students take turns adding monster parts until we’re finished.

We talk about being scared of things … and we talk about how we can take control and calm ourselves.

We can yell, like we do at the monster.

We can ask another person for help.

And we need to remember that Jesus is always, always with us.

We are never alone … even with Big Green Monsters!



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