M for Mustache (of Course)!


Show-and-share time embraces the Letter of the Week for Sr. Stefanie’s preschoolers!

I am not a big show-and-tell teacher. It often is more an exercise in frustration than in sharing … and a preschooler’s attention wanders quickly!

That said, it’s important for students to learn to speak in front of the whole class.

And while I have used other ways – Leader of the Day is one – I have also adapted show and share in a way that helps build skill and confidence for each student.

The sharing is built around our Letter of the Week.

Students bring something from home to share that begins with A, for example.

(If a child forgets to bring something, we pick something out in the classroom, so they still get a chance to present.)

Sharing takes place during our morning meeting.

The Leader of the Day calls each child up to share their item. I write it on the smart board, and we talk about the letter’s sound.

After sharing, students put their show-and-share back in their back packs.

Later, during Free Choice Center time, they can take their items back out.

This week was the most fun so far. One of the students brought mustaches for the letter Mm. We wore them during Free Choice Center time. 🙂


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