BUGS?!? They’re God’s Creatures, Too!

boy and pic of bug

This time of year, we share our space with more bugs. Flies, centipedes, spiders, ladybugs and stink bugs all seem to sneak their way into the building to keep warm.

Not all of us take it in stride.

When, for example, a centipede streams out from under its hiding place you hear screams all around. Who can blame them? There are a LOT of legs!!

So, taking a deep breath, I try to capture it and put it outside. After all, bugs are God’s creatures too.

Recently, Oscar’s dad shared a story that assured me the kids are getting the message.

He and Oscar were driving somewhere when Oscar told him there was a ladybug in the car. He told Oscar to “take care of it.” Oscar said, “I can’t do that. She’s one of God’s creatures.”

Oscar captured the bug and threw it out the window.

This is a sweet little story about a bug … but it warms my heart. Every living thing really IS God’s. How wonderful that the little ones are learning that. ❤


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