Advent for Catholic Preschoolers

girl gluing advent wreath for fb best

Advent has begun. I always love teaching, but I especially love teaching about Advent!

What happens during Advent?

First, we set up Advent wreaths and light a new candle every week.

We learn about the different colors of the candles nestled in the greens.

We talk about how the 4 candles represent 4 weeks until Christmas.

The 3 purple candles mean remind us to pray and do nice things as we prepare for Christmas.

The pink candle (burned on the 3rd “Gaudete” Sunday) invites us to feel extra joy because we are halfway through Advent.

But Advent is more than candles and waiting for presents.

It’s a time of waiting for someone special. Who?

I tell the children they can NOT say Santa!

The one who is coming is more important. They fidget. Then they start to get it.

Yes, it’s Baby Jesus who will come!


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