Our Superhero Jesus!

Who is the strongest, coolest, best superhero in the world? Ask my kids. Jesus, of course! 🙂


Superheroes was our theme last week and boy, did we have fun. We sang songs like I Don’t Have to be a Superman by Mary Rice Hopkins, Superhero by Go Fish, and Jesus, You’re my Superhero.


Superheroes weren’t just for singing about, though. We used them across the curriculum. 🙂


For literacy, we matched upper and lower case letters on cards printed out from a great preschool Superheroes website. Actually, math activities came from that site, too.


For religion, we read Superhero Jesus stories where he healed people. He also calmed the storm. We all decided having a superpower of healing and controlling the weather is the coolest superpower of all!


For art, we worked on making Superhero costumes. We took pictures of our superheroes and shared what superpower everyone had. The only requirement was that the superpowers would not be allowed to hurt anyone. 🙂


It’s wonderful to use the power of kids’ imagination to teach them … and even more wonderful to do so at a Catholic school where Jesus can save the day!!!

4 thoughts on “Our Superhero Jesus!

  1. Elizabeth Tidball

    I love this! I have been looking for something to do with my preschoolers at home and this definately foots the bill, especially the suggestions about Jesus’ super powers! Thank you!


  2. So happy you like it, Elizabeth! It really is a super fun unit! 🙂


  3. How did you make the masks, cape and shield? What materials?


    • Hi Kathy! I made them with butcher paper, yarn and print big letters. I cut them out on the computer, and the students decorated them with crayons. Let me know if this makes sense. 🙂


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