Getting ready for Baby Jesus

Explaining Advent to preschoolers isn’t so difficult when you ask them to think about how they would prepare for a new baby.

What would they need? A crib, some clothes, some diapers. Many of them have little sisters or brothers or cousins … so they get it.

What would they need if the baby was Jesus? How would they prepare for him? You can see the children thinking. They could help each other! They could make good choices! They could pray! 🙂

We also talk about marking the days with an Advent calendar. First, we read Waiting for Christmas by Kathleen Long Bostrom, a delightful story about the Advent calendar.

We begin using our classroom Advent calendar. It’s a Christmas tree with little doors for the days before Christmas. Each door reveals a Bible passage or drawing or other activity. We open a door before Jesus time throughout the month.

Finally, we make an Advent calendar to take home.

Using a glue stick, we piece together loops to make a paper chain. At the top, we put a star that says, Happy Birthday Jesus. The children learn that if they tear one loop off each day, they’ll have the star on Christmas morning … just like the star above the Baby’s manger!

Voila! Now we’re ready for Jesus!

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